Why use First Fuel and Propane for Temporary Heat?

The process of starting a relationship with First Fuel & Propane on your temporary heating needs is easy. We first start by sending a propane specialist to do a site visit and determine the best location for propane tank placement, size and quantity of tanks along with the amount of temporary heating hose needed. A proposal is provided the same day along with an installation date that will meet your needs. Temp Heat installations can be done within 1-3 days, guaranteeing your project is warm when you’re ready!

In some regions, codes or safety regulations require that workers have a supplementary heat source when work area temperatures drop below a certain level. Not only does our service keep your workers warm, we also make sure your project has the propane supply needed to keep your structures at the temp needed for multiple phases of the project. When working on a construction project big or small keeping your drywall and concrete heated to keep your crew on schedule with maximum productivity is key. Winter cold snaps and sudden storms will NEVER be a concern!

Regardless of the application, propane offers a clean, readily available energy source. On many projects, a natural gas connection is not available until the building is nearly finished. Propane, on the other hand, is portable, convenient, and able to be used at any phase. Propane safety is the concern for jobsites and being it is nontoxic and non-pooling, you will not have to worry about contaminated soil or ground water like you would have to with Fuel Oil or Kerosine.

First Fuel & Propane provides fast installation of tanks and temporary heating rubber hose for any size job. Making this happen is our growing fleet of 4 crane trucks ,10 propane delivery trucks and 4 bulk storage facilities with a combined 270,000 gallons of storage. Wireless tank monitoring is a key feature for project managers. The tank monitors report to our office daily, removing the human error of run outs.

First Fuel and Propane works with project managers on providing the most competitive pricing for temporary construction heat.

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