Propane Furnace Repair

With over 80 years combined experience, our service department prides itself on solving HVAC problems. In fact, our motto is: Never Say No To A Customer’s Problem.

We provide 24/7 propane HVAC service and propane furnace repair. That means that we take care of our customers year-round, at any hour of the day. This knowledge gives homeowners and business owners peace of mind. In addition, when our customers call us, they know that they will always talk to an owner or a certified technician. The call is never forwarded to a call center far, far away.

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Propane Heaters


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We Service

Propane Heaters


Wall Mount IBC Combi Boilers

Pool Heaters

Hot Water Heaters

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Propane Furnace Heating

At First Fuel & Propane, we offer propane furnace repair, commercial and residential heating installations, propane heating system installation, and other propane HVAC services. Give your buildings the highest efficiency available, while keeping your energy costs down. Propane furnaces lead the market in efficiency, low maintenance and low fuel cost.

RUUD is the industry leader for heating products. That is why we choose to be a RUUD propane furnace dealer.

Propane Boiler Heating

New homeowners and experienced contractors know that new propane boilers can be more affordable and efficient than other alternatives. We install Weil McLain cast iron boilers and wall mount IBC heat-only and IBC Combi boilers.

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Commercial Rooftop Propane Heating Systems

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Wall Mount IBC Combi Boilers

With the wall mount IBC Combi boilers, you can take care of your hot water and heat at the same time, while maintaining 95% efficiency. Lower maintenance and higher efficiency means our customers save money all around. Switching from your old oil boiler to a new propane boiler can take as little as two days from start to finish, including propane tanks that we set.

Propane Pool Heating

For homeowners with swimming pools, summers in New York and Massachusetts can be too short. A propane gas pool heater can extend the swimming season by two or three months. Whether you’re looking to open your pool earlier in the spring or extend the season into the fall, this can be a simple and effective solution.

Propane Hot Water Heating

Customers have been swapping their old hot water heaters with new on-demand propane hot water heaters.

Benefits include:

  • A constant flow of hot water without the worry of running out. Installing a new propane hot water heater means never having to take a cold shower.
  • Compared to oil or wood fired hot water heaters, propane hot water heaters are cleaner and more efficient.
  • Maintenance is significantly lower when compared to oil- or wood-fired hot water heaters.

We recommend installing tankless hot water heaters. This is because big, bulky storage tanks take up valuable space and waste energy when water isn’t used right away and must be reheated. But no matter what, if you’re having troubles, we offer propane heater repair services to solve whatever’s going on with your heater.

Propane Cooking

Ask a true chef and they’ll say that the only way to cook is with an open propane flame. Electric stoves and cooktops just don’t heat the same as a real propane flame. In addition, propane stoves and ovens are hassle-free, compared to wood and charcoal.

The ability to quickly heat up and find the perfect temperature is why many choose propane as their energy for cooking. With most modern ovens and cooktops having electric ignition, you don’t have to worry about lighting pilots. You also don’t have to worry about propane leakage from the pilot being blown out.

At First Fuel & Propane, we do not sell cooktops or stoves. However, we will hook up and install any system you buy alongside various other services, such as propane furnace repair. We recommend ordering from a major appliance store. After placing your order, give us the delivery date and we will send a technician to convert the stove from natural gas to propane and then hook up the gas lines to the stove. Finally, we will perform a leak test to make sure your house safe.

Propane Drying

The biggest reason to switch and install a propane dryer is that it heats up and dries your clothes faster than an electric powered dryer. This helps you get your laundry chores done faster, so you can get back to relaxing and having fun!

Another great feature of using propane as your heat source is that it reduces the static electricity of your clothing compared to electric heat. This is due to the moisture content it produces.

Modern dryers all have electric pilot systems so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of lighting pilots or wasting propane when you’re not using the dryer.

We do not sell dryers, but we will hook up and install any system you buy. We recommend ordering from a major appliance store. After placing your order, give us the delivery date and we will send out a technician to convert it from natural gas to propane and then hook up the gas lines to the dryer. We then will perform a leak test to make sure your house is safe.

Propane Fireplace

Nobody likes waking up on a chilly day and walking into a cold living room or kitchen. That’s where propane fireplaces come to the rescue! With a click of a button you can have a vented or non-vented fire that warms your room instantly.

Here are some key pros to having a propane fireplace compared to an electric, wood or pellet fireplace or stove.

  • Propane is clean burning and ventless. Wood and pellet stoves, on the other hand, need to be cleaned out every year and require an expensive exhaust system.
  • Propane heat is instant, compared to having to wait for wood, pellets and electric to slowly heat up.
  • No back-breaking labor. When you have a propane fireplace, you no longer have to lift heavy logs or pellet bags.
  • Cheaper BTU output of heat compared to electric in most regions.
  • With propane, there is no chance of a random spark flying out and starting a deadly house fire.
  • During power outages, a propane fireplace will keep your house above freezing when the electric the doesn’t work.

Propane Generator

Having power in today’s society is a must because so many products run off electricity. Customers who have a Generac propane-powered generator at their home or business installed by us say they wish they bought one earlier.

We set generators of all sizes. We will send a technician out to do an estimate on what size tank and generator you will need for your usage.

A propane-powered generator will give you peace of mind, knowing that your house or your business will never freeze up during a winter power outage. For every generator we install we put a monitor on that makes sure you never run out of power, no matter how long the outage. Plus, if worse comes to worst, we also have our propane furnace repair services.

Propane Pump Station

When it comes to pump stations, First Fuel and Propane is the leader in the Capital Region. We offer 500, 1000 and 2000 gallon pump stations. We install and wire the whole pump station within one day.

Everyone one of our pump stations have monitors on them so you never have to worry about running out. Pump stations are a great way for a business in a high traffic area to bring in extra revenue and customers into your building.

Propane HVAC Service

Contact us today for professional and reliable propane HVAC service. Call 518.828.8700 or email [email protected]. Also learn more about our propane delivery and pricing plans.

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