UltraMAX EZUV™ Signature Series uses T3™ technology germicidal UV air and surface treatment for HVAC systems

The EZUV Signature Series harnesses more UV power for healthier indoor air for your entire home with less energy consumed!

Natural ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. EZUV Signature Series kills airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens and keeps the interior surfaces of your HVAC system free of mold and other biogrowth. This means you’ll have healthier air, and a more efficient HVAC system that uses less energy because of the all new ESP3 electronic Smart-Power supply! And, EZUV Signature Series can reduce—often eliminate— expensive chemical coil cleanings. So you’ll save energy and cleaning expenses while helping protect the environment!

Cleans the air of germs, allergies—and odors

An UltraMAX™ EZUV™ Signature Series air treatment system is an energy efficient and highly effective way to automatically clean the air of unwanted germs, allergens and odors.

  • Install in new HVAC systems to keep them running like new.
  • Install in problematic HVAC systems to reduce biological contamination and make the air healthier.
  • Generates no ozone.
  • Connects directly to home wiring, models available for 24, 110 or 240 VAC operation.

SOLARIS® Whole House Photocatalytic Air Purification for HVAC

This self-powered Solaris PCO air purifier removes air contamination beyond the reach of filtration — it improves the air at the molecular level.

The Solaris photocatalytic (PCO) air purifier uniquely combines the technologies of UV light, photocatalytic oxidation and ionization to improve the air beyond filtration!

  • Destroys household odors, VOCs and toxic fumes. These include odors from pools areas, laundry, bathrooms, kitchens—even trash bins and the family pet–as well as from products like cleaning agents, new paint, carpets, and other renovation materials.
  • Germicidal UV, PCO, and ionization together disinfect the HVAC air stream killing airborne microbes, reducing the chance of colds, flu, and worse.
  • Solaris PCO leads the industry with more than 200 sq inches of PCO purification power! Layered PCO surfaces are coated with a proprietary and patented titanium dioxide + silver/zinc ion PCO formulation to maximize pathogen and odor reduction.
  • The Solaris PCO purifier is designed for homes and buildings up to up to 5000 sq ft. with adjustable oxidation levels that maintain maximum germicidal UV intensity at all times.
  • The 4X Plasma Generator emits ions that freshen indoor air in the same way a thunderstorm freshens the air outdoors. The ions electrically charge microscopic dust particulates causing them to gather into grouped particles that either fall out of the air, or are captured in air filtration.
  • Solaris’ dual spectrum UV lamp exposes microbes to a lethal dose of UV-C light. The lamp’s intensity kills up to 99% of germs instantly while breaking down chemical fumes and allergens.
  • Commercial-grade US sourced steel and aluminum construction make the lifetime warranty possible on the Solaris purifier. The UV lamp has a 2-year life and is warranted for the full 2-year lifespan.

Self-powered for use on its own to augment existing IAQ systems.

  • System status LEDs, includes lamp replacement notification
  • Full adjustability
  • Connections to power a remote germicidal UV lamp
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Ultravation® Orion™ needlepoint bipolar ion generator for odor reduction and fine particulate reduction!

The Orion™ ion generator can be used independently or in combination with other indoor air quality (IAQ) systems. The negative and positive ions generated by the Orion™ electronic air cleaner charge even the smallest airborne particulates causing them to bind together in clusters large enough for capture in filtration. It enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of any air filter.

You can also add an Orion™ needlepoint bipolar ion generator as an additional stage in the breakdown of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Great Features and Benefits

  • High ion output! > 320 Million +/– Ions/cc
  • Connects to any 24 VAC transformer or any existing Ultravation 24 volt IAQ product.
  • Adjustable electrodes enable installation in strategic locations.
  • Magnetic mount provided to simplify installation when possible.
  • 6 ft. quick release power cord included
  • Wall plug-in adapter available
  • Works with any HVAC system, ice machine or Ptac system
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