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Reliability is Our First Priority

At First Fuel and Propane, we continually invest in the equipment and expertise needed to ensure that your energy requirements are met safely, efficiently, and without interruption. Our commitment to deliver the best service drives every decision we make. And we make every effort to be transparent with information about our policies and practices. Please review these basics and call us anytime with specific questions you may have. Alternatively, contact us with suggestions about how you think we can do better!

Choosing a Pricing Option

Fuel prices fluctuate in response to the market conditions. We constantly monitor these trends and offer you various ways—including budget-pricing and prepay plans—to manage costs while meeting your energy needs. Please call today to get the current cash price, or you can check our Propane Special and Fuel Oil Special pages to help you get started.

Planning Your Fuel Needs

Your per-gallon fuel rate will be a combination of the market price, plus our equipment, travel, and skilled-labor costs to keep you up and running. The simple fact is that it can actually cost more to deliver 20 gallons, on a per/gallon basis, than to deliver 200 gallons. So, just like many other business transactions, high-volume customers will typically pay a lower per-gallon rate than low-volume customers. Our trained staff will help you estimate your needs. We will also offer information about various pricing and equipment-use arrangements to meet those needs.

Selecting Tanks and Equipment

We’ll deliver to a tank you own, or we’ll install the tank you need. Certain conditions and restrictions apply to each arrangement. However, most customers find that using our tanks is the best, low-cost, low-hassle option. This option also ensures reliability and flexibility. We charge low rates (or zero) for delivery and installation. We do not charge equipment rental fees as long as customers purchase a minimum of one full tank (any size) of fuel from us per year. Customers who fall below this minimum fuel purchase are charged a minimum equipment usage fee while holding onto our tanks. Rates vary depending on tank size.

Information About Using the Fuel You Buy

Whether you have your own tank or a First Fuel tank, we do not buy back fuel at any time, including upon cancellation of an account. We understand why customers sometimes ask us to buy back unused fuel. However, the truth is that in compliance with regulations, the labor cost of recovering unused fuel would never be covered by reselling it to another customer. We therefore ask all customers to please use the fuel in the tank. And we can allow up to a year after cancellation of an account to make use of the fuel before we pick up our equipment.

Getting the Most Out of Propane

We provide installation, information and support to help customers get the most that propane has to offer. Done right, a single tank can warm your home, serve decorative fireplaces, fuel indoor and outdoor cooking, and heat your pool or hot-tub. Plus, because propane tanks can be safely buried underground, they’re an ideal choice to keep your landscape looking its best. Call us to discuss plans for your home. Propane may offer more versatility than you think.

Keeping You Up and Running

Our team of professional and courteous technicians stays up to date and certified in HVAC training, maintaining the highest standards of safety and expertise. We provide installation and maintenance on most heating and cooling systems, including many appliances. Weekend and night emergency calls incur an extra fee, and no-heat emergencies are always our first priority. All service calls will be charged a minimum dispatch fee, including for diagnostic service. So, we encourage customers to always check the basics—making sure there’s fuel in the tank and power switches are on—before calling.


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